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Choco-n-Nuts - Our Story

It feels wonderful when something that you create puts a smile on others' faces, doesn't it? We started Choco-N-Nuts as a small, mother-and-daughter supercombo back in the year 2015, wanting to share the happiness of our homemade chocolates with every human in the world. Since then, we have only received an overwhelming, heart-warming response from our customers - and this love, this positive response is what has given us the strength to display our work on a bigger platform.

Choco-N-Nuts, although a chocolate shop in Bhopal that started with a "homegrown" label, has managed to delight countless customers in the five years of its existence. We who run Choco-N-Nuts, are just like you - dessert lovers who want to share their love with the world through cooking. We are passionate chocolatiers - an outfit run by zealous women with the sole objective of creating happiness for everyone to share through our love for chocolates. We make chocolates from scratch at home, and we create lush desserts from this chocolate - all for the people who love to eat them, who feel happy eating chocolate. Seeing a smile on your face makes us happy too!

By purchasing from Choco-N-Nuts, you are purchasing a holistic dessert - an all-rounder confectionary perfect in every way. The right balance of flavour with the right amount of chocolate is the key to a great dessert, and our passion has allowed us to master this balance. All homemade chocolates at Choco-N-Nuts are made with love, care, dedication and meticulousness; they're one of a kind and the best in the market you will find…all for one reason - to make you feel happy and loved through our effort!

Our Products

Assorted Homemade Chocolates in Bhopal - Gift Box by Choco-n-Nuts
Homemade Truffles in Bhopal - Chocolates by Choco-n-Nuts
Homemade Fudge in Bhopal - Chocolates by Choco-n-Nuts
Dry-Fruit Gift Packs in Bhopal - Choco-n-Nuts
Homemade Cake Pops in Bhopal - Chocolates by Choco-n-Nuts
Cake Pops
Homemade Chocolate Bars in Bhopal - Choco-n-Nuts
Chocolate Bars
Homemade Cakesicles in Bhopal - Choco-n-Nuts
Homemade Chocolate Clusters in Bhopal - Choco-n-Nuts
Chocolate Gift Hampers in Bhopal - Choco-n-Nuts
Gifting Combos
Customised Chocolate Text Messages in Bhopal - Gifts by Choco-n-Nuts
Customised Messages
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Flavoured Chocolate Modaks in Ganesh Chaturthi Gift Boxes!

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Chocolate Gift Boxes for Diwali in Bhopal

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