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Choco-N-Nuts' homemade chocolates in Bhopal are 100% delicious and 200% made with love! It is our mission to put a smile on people's faces. Try our extensive range of homemade chocolates for the most unbelievable flavours you have ever seen on market. We have some of the most unique flavours of homemade chocolate to offer - chai masala, bubble-gum, ras malai, thandai, double decker, whiskey and many more! Give Choco-N-Nuts the opportunity to serve you homemade chocolates in Bhopal that you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime.

Homemade Chocolates in Bhopal - Our Exclusive Range

Homemade Chocolates in Bhopal Choco-n-Nuts

Here is a bit more to learn about Chocolates while you enjoy our delicious homemade chocolates in Bhopal.

History has it that chocolate (albeit in a very different form) was present in the human world since as early as 1900 BC. Ancient civilizations like Mayans, Aztecs and Olmecs had already discovered cacao beans; these beans were so coveted that they remained reserved for the higher classes of the society. It is said that chocolate was even used as currency in those times! Do you see now how precious a commodity chocolate was in the ancient world? It is also known that Spanish explorers in the 1500s, who came to Mexico for gold and silver, took back with them chocolate instead! Interesting, right?

In the modern world today, chocolate has taken on a completely new avatar. It is not a commodity reserved for the kings anymore - in fact, there is hardly a person who hasn’t had chocolate! Chocolate comes from cacao beans. CACAO, not COCOA. Confused yet? A plant named Cacao produces beans, called cacao beans. These beans are then separated from their fatty part and fermented. After fermentation, the beans are processed at low heat and churned into a powder - and THIS powder is then used to make chocolate as we know it today. Cocoa beans come from the same plant, but is processed differently. This is why chocolates made from cocoa and cacao taste different!

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Flavoured Chocolate Modaks in Ganesh Chaturthi Gift Boxes!

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Chocolate Gift Boxes for Diwali in Bhopal

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