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Custom Text Messages on Chocolates

Thinking of gifting homemade chocolate? Choco-N-Nuts offers you a flood of flavours to choose from! And this is not all - with Choco-N-Nuts, you get the hard-to-pass opportunity to customize every chocolate that you select. We offer customization of our homemade chocolate with text messages. Whatever you wish to communicate to your near and dear ones can be done with homemade chocolates - but it can be done better with Choco-N-Nuts' customized text messages on homemade chocolates!

This is the era of customization - because today, nobody wishes to be a conformist. We all want to do something different; so why not do that with the homemade chocolate gifts you select? Choco-N-Nuts' text message customization is just what you are looking for. We offer two-line and three-line text messages customized on our homemade chocolates. Think how perfect a gift you would be preparing for your near and dear ones with a personalized message on homemade chocolates!

Customized Text Messages on Homemade Chocolates!