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Homemade Cakesicles

Cakesicles can have many versions and flavours - it all depends on your mood! Come to Choco-N-Nuts to experience this new form of dessert; you can talk about its goodness to all the people you know! Our homemade cakesicles in Bhopal look pretty as a dream, are crunchy in the first bite and then reveal the mushy, spongy, a little frosty core which melts in your mouth and makes you forget all about popsicles. Cakesicle is the in-thing today - and with Choco-N-Nuts, you can try the best homemade cakesicles in town!

Homemade Cakesicles in Bhopal - Our Exclusive Range

Cakesickles in Bhopal - homemade chocolates by Choconnuts

Homemade Cakesicles in Bhopal Choco-n-Nuts

You must already know what a cake pop is; let us now introduce you to a totally "similar but not quite similar" item on the list: the CAKESICLE. While it sounds dangerous, it's actually a very friendly unicorn. Cakesicles literally are a visual combination of two things: cake and popsicle. Bakers basically take a popsicle mould, paint a thick coat of chocolate onto it and let it set. Then they press the cake-pop mix into this chocolate shell, complete the shell and voila! You have a cakesicle. Cakesicles are easier to make than cake pops, because with cakesicles the structure is more stable, and there is a candy stick to hold it up!

Homemade cakesicles are popsicles in all respects, only that there is no melty business with a cakesicle. You can enjoy the goodness and coolness of an ice cream on a hot summer day without worrying about everything melting down your arm. Cakesicles, if you make them so, can be healthy too! While popsicles are all about ice and sugar, cakesicles can actually deliver some sort of nutrients into your system. All of this, and cakesicles still manage to stay safely green on your calorie counter! They are compact and just enough to satisfy your craving.